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Us and our history

We are a family that is accustomed to receiving all the tourists who come to our house. We have extensive experience in the services we offer and foremost we believe all our visitors as friends.

We are a guest house since 1982 and have everything in our house as if it were your own home.

In 1998 we have our own Travel for all routes including Huayhuash and Santa Cruz. Know that we always give them a lot of security and we are experienced in everything we offer. We have bought many brand new team and we have people who are working for us and are the best and very experienced. You only charge what is just about everything, never charge expensive.

We also organize adventure tourism and extreme sports (mountaineering, mountain biking, ice climbing and rock, etc). We work with very experienced people and have new equipment and high quality. We always offer the best.

Casa Jaimes and we get to our house you will have many benefits and confidence.

We are sure that as you hear about us and this website will explain much of us and what we offer.

If you like, here we tell you our history and our beginnings:

Our History...

The history of our Casa Jaimes from the year 1982:

It was in the year 1982 when Huaraz was a little town, where hardly you could find 5 or 6 hotels. In July, month of "Fiesta Nacional" and anniversary of foundation of Huaraz, always arrive a lot of foreign and national tourists to Huaraz. In this month, Huaraz is short of accomodations.

In this circumstances two Israelis knocked on my door. two very young boys with enormous backpacks asking for a place to sleep in the garden of my house.

With big emotion I invited them to enter into my house and I received them as my own children: I could not allow that the two boys from so far away slept in the open air of my garden, it would have been a pain for me, so we prepared them a room and hot shower and invited them to join us with the familiar dinner.

The two Israelis joined us nearly for one week. We had a very nice time together with games and a lot of happiness.

I was astonished to see them preparing their own breakfast, meal and dinner. Their soups were very different from ours and their customs too. In the afternoon we played casino and in the evening we sang and played guitar. After that they went to the disco to enjoy themselves just like all young people do. In the morning I opened them the door as they were my own children.

Finally it was time for them to leave and they asked me what they had to pay for room and food. I told them I had no intention to take money from them, it had been such a nice experience spend our time together with young people from so far away. In the end they gave us chocolates, sweets, little souvenirs from their country and a bunch of flowers as presents. Finally we said goodby like a mother says goodby to their sons. They promised that they would send their friends also to my house.

Some days afterwards very early in the morning somebody was knocking on my door. It was a group young Israelis with huge backbags. Smiling they asked "es la casa de Jaimes?" "claro que si" I said to them and invited them to enter in my house. They were 5 very noisy youngsters so they woke up all of us. We all got up from our beds in order to receive them and, of course, they needed an accomodation and wanted to stay with us even if we were not prepared to receive a group of this size. However in the end we managed to receive all of them.

The most important thing was that they felt well and we as well. Again my house was fullfilled with happiness, we listened to a very different language. All of us enjoyed it very much and again our guests began to prepare their own food, using what they bought on the lokal market. We always divided what they prepared and what we were used to prepare every day.

We have a lot of indelible memories beginning with the year 1982 when for the first time two young Israelies named Moshe Mena and Eitan joined us, memories which are only ours. So many Israelies had to leave us and now they are for sure persons with their own families. Wherever they are in this moment, we hope they remember us similarly as we remember them. We know they won"t come back but maybe their children will join us and we will receive them in the way we received their parents. Don"t doubt!!, they will always be welcome and my house will be as it was their house.

We are dividing our house and our happiness with you for 28 years now. In this period we have made all of our efforts to improve our service and install a lot of new details.


Mrs. Jaimes, the owner.

Mrs. Jaimes
Owner and founder of the house Jaimes

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